Training on BGG 966

Work platforms enable safe working at great heights. However, many accidents occur mainly due to the personal misconduct and ignorance of the operator and demonstrator. Damage to persons and property is therefore avoidable through professional training and correct instruction.

In order to reduce the accident causes, as well as improve the safety for all users, the German Trade Association principle BGG/DGUV 966 was adopted at the beginning of 2010.
According to the Trade Association principle BGG 966 based on the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV) and the German Trade Association Regulation (BGR) 500, Chapter 2.10 (obligation to instruct / obligations of the business operator), the training of employees for the acquisition of an operating authorisation for work platforms is defined. Such training should deal intensively with the theoretical and practical training and assignment of the operator or demonstrator for operators.

We can provide you and your employees with instruction on the operation of elevating work platforms appropriate to the scope of your work and also guarantee high quality practical training carried out by experienced trainers with internationally recognised qualifications (ISO 18887).

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Lift-Manager Arbeitsbühnen Service - Training on BGG 966
Lift-Manager Arbeitsbühnen Service - Training on BGG 966