Our Philosophy

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  • Our actions focus on providing our customers with a service which is truly useful.
  • We orientate ourselves towards the needs of our customers, thus ensuring that our activities contribute towards the success of individuals and of society.
  • In our aspiration for personal and professional success, we orientate ourselves towards the fundamental ethical values of honestydecencysincerity and reliability.
  • An open information policy and transparency form the basis of our long-term and fair partnerships with our customers. In this way we contribute to our customers’ success.
  • We view hurdles, difficulties and setbacks as opportunities to succeed and to achieve best performance in different ways.
  • We are focussed on the well-being of all and on the success of company essential entities, in particular the well-being of our employees (human relations), customers and suppliers, and also banks, authorities and the public (public relation).
  • Through these fundamental values, we achieve a valuable corporate identity. Our company should be more than merely a place where you earn money.
    The workplace should also be an intellectual home.
  • As a result, we achieve target-orientated growth, realisation of healthy profits, and creation of new workplaces and a long-term safeguarding of our company.
  • We place our focus on people. This is true with regard to our employees, and also our customers, suppliers and partners. Thus we create awareness for healthy cooperation and an optimum work climate.
    We orientate objectives and plans towards the collective.
  • This corporate culture moves us from an “I” perspective to an “us”, and allows us all to enjoy success and satisfaction.