No problem thanks to bridge cranes and lots of space

The repair of large scale devices requires a number of basic requirements, especially space and equipment.
These machine repairs involve components such as big telescopes or hydraulic cylinders, or a 10-year fire brigade – check. These parts are not as easy to handle as with a smaller machine.

Lift-Manager offers these prerequisites in the headquarters in Jänkendorf and Massing.
Major repairs are also carried out in the Bobstadt, Datteln and Breitenfelde branches.

Grossgerät instandsetzung brückenkran_5  Grossgerät instandsetzung brückenkran_5

The telescope of a larger self-propelled telescope can be removed in its entirety with the 12.5t bridge crane in Massing.
It can then be worked in fill lenght in our spacious workshop halls
(e.g. to renew the slide rails, or to change the hoses or cabling).

Grossgerät instandsetzung brückenkran_5