The PAL Card

What is the “PAL Card”?

The PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) is recognised worldwide across industries as proof of platform operator training to the highest standard.

It is issued by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) to platform operators who successfully complete a training course at an IPAF-approved training centre.

The IPAF training programme was developed by leading industry professionals and is certified by TÜV as conforming to the international standard ISO 18878:2004 Mobile elevating work platforms – Operator (driver) training.

More than 90,000 PAL Cards are issued each year through over 550 IPAF-approved training centres around the world.

Who needs a PAL Card?

For example:

  • Construction workers
  • Roofers
  • Electricians
  • Installation technicians
  • Painters and decorators
  • Cleaning contractors
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Tree surgeons
  • As well as many other craftsmen
  • Persons who operate work platforms ( PAL Card – operator), or persons who have to hand over work platforms to other trained operators ( PAL Card – demonstrator)


The PAL Card is valid for five years. It shows the date on which the holder was assessed and the expiry date by which re-training would be needed.
It shows the types of equipment that the holder has been trained to operate.
It shows the level to which the holder has been trained, e.g. operator, demonstrator and instructor
It has security features including a holographic logo and the holder’s photograph and signature to prevent misuse.

Internationally recognised

The PAL Card is accepted and recognised as proof of platform operator training in many countries. Some examples are:

  • UK Contractors Group
  • Scaffold & Access Industry Association in USA
  • Trade associations in Germany
  • Assodimi in Italy
  • Asociace ZZ-CR in the Czech Republic
  • Occupational safety authorities in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
  • Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA)

If someone flashes the PAL Card, you can be sure that he or she has been trained to work with platforms correctly and safely.

How can I obtain a PAL Card?

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