Inspection of PPE

Inspection of PPE against falls (compliant with BGG 906 and EN 360:2002)

The use of PPE against falls on work platforms is already standard practise today and serves to actively protect operating persons in the cage.
The annually required safety inspection of the PPE against falls should also be kept in mind.
We can assist you with this!

The EC Directive 89/686/CEE requires the regular inspection of all PPE, at least every 12 months

The purpose of this inspection is the early recognition of any irregularities of the equipment which could then lead to a hazardous situation. This precaution, in addition to the obligatory inspection prior to and after each operation, ensures that the equipment remains in a compliant state.

Inspection according to the manufacturer’s specification:

  • Prior to issue to the user
  • Prior to and after each use
  • Every 12 months by an qualified person (expert) for PPE against falls

We will gladly carry out an annual inspection for you.

We can also carry out the inspection and repair of the IKAR fall arrester HWB2 and
ACB 1.8 in accordance with DIN EN 360/2002 for you.

Where can I obtain PPE against falls?

You will find various personal protection equipment, fall arresters and further information in our online shop.

Our recommendation to you:

Work safety overall


The work safety overall which is certified in accordance with EN 361, EN 813, EN 1497 and inspected by TÜV, offers a combination of work safety, a rescue system and comfort for the wearer.
The overall is already successfully in use for applications in rock clearing, building cleaning, power line construction and is used by special forces units, fire brigades, height rescue teams, work platforms and wind turbines personnel etc.

Fall arrester with 1.8 m webbing strap
This fall arrester is a specially developed fall arrester with webbing strap which conforms to multiple standards for the securing of persons in mobile work cages of elevating work platforms. The product provides numerous advantages, such as a low weight, robust aluminium housing and a rotation swivel mounting.
A particularly significant feature is the low force transmission

to the sling point of less than 3 kN in the case of a fall. The device is approved with a fall load over an edge, as well as in combination with a webbing strap extension to the body harness with max. 400 mm length. The selectable sling point must thereby be situated 400 mm below the hand rail of the work cage.

Auffanggurt HT Ladytrac

retaining west HT Ladytrac
specially customized for women

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