Spread the load!

What is “Spread the load”?

IPAF has launched a safety campaign calling for the proper assessment of ground conditions and the correct use of stabilisers, outriggers and spreader plates.

spread the load

IPAF’s “Spread the load!” campaign is built around this simple and straightforward message:

Spreader plates should always be used with boom-type mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) when fully supported on their outriggers.
Spreader plates should be used with all other MEWPs that have outriggers unless a risk assessment indicates they are not necessary.

The campaign is an initiative from the IPAF UK Hire Committee’s Spreader Plates Sub-Group. Several campaign tools, available in different languages, have been developed to spread the message, including leaflets, posters, stickers and a video.

Why is this campaign needed?

MEWPs are generally very safe and stable. However, incorrect set-up can cause instability and lead to overturning. This is often the result of inadequate ground assessment, poor selection of spreader plates, or incorrect positioning of outriggers. The ‘Spread the load!’ campaign sets out to give clear and practical guidance on when and how to use spreader plates.

Is there training available for the correct use of spreader plates?

Ground conditions and the use of spreader plates is one of many topics in the IPAF Operator Training.

Further information can be found in our newsletter:
document for information (37 kb)

Where can I obtain suitable spreader plates?

We offer spreader plates in a variety of sizes, strengths and variations in our online shop.

If you have questions, require individual advice or wish to make an appointment, please contact us at +49 3588 2546-18 or use our request form.

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