GSR – 10 years partnership presentation

10 years of Rothlehner and GSR partnership

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GSR presented a plaque marking 10 years of partnership with Rothlehner, one of its most most successful dealers. Rothlehner has represented the Italian manufacturer since 2005, when it took over from Bertram as that company moved towards the rental market. .

Denka-Lift DK18 Rothlehner Prag

At the 10 year presentation, Luca Santolini, GSR; Peter Stelzer and Stephan Opfer of Rothlehner; Piero Palmieri of GSR, Manuel Miller and Sven Illgen of Rothlehner and Roland Jäkel of Lift-Manager

GSR imported its first machines into Germany in 1993 when it sold several D189 units with 18 metres working height on a six tonne chassis. At that time it appointed Bertram as its distributor which lasted until 2005.

Denka-Lift DK18 Rothlehner Prag